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How can I love Poison Dart Frogs? This is way more obvious in some females than the others.

How can I love Poison Dart Frogs? This is way more obvious in some females than the others.

Dart frogs, like many frogs, is hard to intercourse according to outward look. Yes, we know guys name and women set eggs, but exactly how can you inform who is exactly who just by evaluating them? The following suggestions tend to be meant to direct you towards creating the gender of one’s anuran pets.

Sexing Dendrobates tinctorius

Dendrobates tinctorius, usually ‘Tincs’ for the trade, become a tremendously usual newbie frog. They generally mature around 12-18 period of age. With many locales during the trade, an informed estimate about gender can be produced at 8-10 months of age. You will find 4 general qualities to help you in sexing Tincs.

Toe pads: men Dendrobates tinctorius tend to have bigger, heart-shaped toe shields to their top legs. Females has much small bottom pads. This rule isn’t steadfast, but is most correct than perhaps not among Tincs.

Dendrobates tinctorius ‘Cobalt’

Back once again arc: As observed in the image below, feminine Tincs tend to have an increased straight back arch than males whenever both tend to be viewed side by side. This characteristic is ideal used when you compare numerous animals together, additionally the frogs come in a relaxed state.

Dendrobates tinctorius ‘Patricia’

Proportions: in most cases, female Tincs is going to be larger than their unique male alternatives. This assumes that serving, housing, and years become similar.

Dendrobates tinctorius ‘Azureus’

Thickness: adult, breeding feminine Dendrobates tinctorius typically appear distended or complete, since they are carrying eggs. This can be far more obvious in a number of girls as opposed to others. Bear in mind that lots of frogs for the craft include overweight, which might negate this common guideline.

Dendrobates tinctorius ‘Azureus’

Sexing Dendrobates auratus. D. leucomelas, and D. truncatus

Auratus, Leucs, and Truncs all are regarded as a portion of the “Tinctorius Group”, and tend to be very closely connected with Dendrobates tinctorius. But sexing all of them is often more challenging. Generally, by 8-10 months, a seasoned keeper could make an educated imagine. The more mature the frogs include, the more obvious her intercourse – by two or three decades, the differences are usually very apparent at first glance. Trucs tend to be rather hard to visually intercourse, regardless of age.

Size: typically, female frogs shall be bigger than their male alternatives. This thinks that giving, homes, and age are similar.

Dendrobates auratus ‘Costa Rican Green and Black’

Thickness: adult, reproduction girls usually show up pear shaped because they’re holding egg. This is often evident in some frogs, even more subdued in other people. In the event the frogs are obese (a standard event for the interest), it may be harder Phoenix escort to tell apart between your two genders.

Dendrobates leucomelas ‘British Guyana’

Sexing Phyllobates sp. And Epipedobates sp.

This community includes many common hobby frogs, eg Phyllobates terribilis, P. bicolor, P. vittatus, and Epipedobates anthonyi. It could be rather difficult to sex a number of the species throughout these genus, and quite often period your best option is await calling or egg laying. Following the animals is sufficiently of sufficient age (typically 1-2 ages), it is feasible to create an informed imagine on gender predicated on figure and proportions. Creating a small grouping of individuals to compare to will considerably aid you in your capacity to precisely sex the animals.

Size: in most cases, female frogs is bigger than their male counterparts. This thinks that eating, housing, and era are comparable. Not merely tend to be women larger, nevertheless they are apt to have a wider mind, also. Girls also have a far more strong, rotund look.

Phyllobates bicolor ‘Gold’

Width: Sexually mature women will normally show up bigger than men. This could be apparent in certain frogs, and much more subdued in others. In the event that frogs become over weight (one common event inside craft), it could be significantly more hard to differentiate involving the two genders. In my opinion, these frogs usually cannot create the ‘pear shape’ plain in lots of women of some other kinds.

Sexing Thumbnail Dart Frogs

Thumbnail Dart Frogs have the genus Ranitomeya. They are so called due to their diminutive person proportions, with quite a few variety not surpassing the dimensions of a thumbnail. Becoming thus lightweight would make you believe aesthetic sexing would be harder. Fortunately, this group of frogs sometimes attain sexual maturity at a young age (I’ve have R. ventrimaculatasuccessfully reproduce as young as 4 months, although reproduction at 6-8 months is far more common), and show sexual dimorphism at an early on years than other dendrobatids. Whenever aesthetically sexing thumbnails, there is two fundamental attributes that be noticed.

Appearance of looks size: despite the fact that feminine thumbnails commonly larger, and much longer, often men have actually a lanky, stretched out looks. This contrasts considerably for the pear shape of a sexually adult women carrying eggs.


Although aesthetically sexing dart frogs is through no way an exact research, by using the presented advice together with the knowledge that may come with energy, an experienced dart frog keeper makes accurate predictions in the sex on the animals before these are typically intimately adult. Most of the time, increasing younger frogs along in a team permits simpler collection of sets (as you have more people evaluate against each other), along with presenting a better chance of obtaining a minumum of one male and one female.

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